Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burning The Bridge 

In an earlier post I commented on the board's "tacky" decision to fire the former CEO of Yahoo by phone.  Today, it is time to comment on the "tacky" way that Carol Bartz has handled her firing.  She didn't go quietly and her use of foul language has cost her support she might have had.  Further her vacillation about staying on the board then leaving didn't help matters.  Woman CEOs don't get breaks any more than male heads of companies.  Both should understand that a CEO serves at the pleasure of the board.  If Bartz grasped that, she isn't letting on.  Instead, she took a messy PR situation and made it worse.  It actually looks now like the board was smart to get rid of her.  Whatever Bartz does next in life, I'll wager it won't be a CEO position.


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