Monday, September 19, 2011

The New Crisis 

This fictional case describes the new crisis -- a sudden explosion that is covered instantly by cell phone photos, Tweets, blogs, TV interviews and Facebook entries.  There is no chance for a company to control the flow of information.  It starts out behind the communications curve and scrambles to catch up.  It never does although it follows the protocol for a crisis.  One point the case tries to make is that there is only so much a practitioner can do to anticipate a crisis.  The actual event may throw all plans to the wind, as it does here.  One must expect a breakdown and the need to improvise.  In spite of that, one needs to plan and rehearse.  The elements of fact-finding and communication remain the same.  It is just more difficult.

This is the 122nd  communications/ PR essay posted on online-pr.com.


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