Friday, September 30, 2011

Smart PR 

The news that a college is giving steep tuition reductions to students with strong academic backgrounds is smart PR.  College costs have spiraled well beyond inflation and middle class parents have been strapped for years to pay for them.  With the recession, matters have become only worse.  Seton Hall has gained national recognition for its move, and it has a chance of lifting the academic level of its student body at the same time.  More colleges and universities ought to be thinking this way.  Unfortunately, many are not.  They are reaching out to foreign students who pay full tuition to help fund operating expenses and denying entrance to gifted students from the middle class who need some monetary help.  When it comes to academics, a two-class society is emerging -- the wealthy who can pay the outrageous costs and the gifted but poor who are carried by scholarship. Those in the middle are left to suffer.  


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