Thursday, October 27, 2011

Danger Zone 

This is a danger signal to anyone in politics, especially Republicans.  Citizens are convinced there is inequity in wealth distribution, and they believe Republicans favor the wealthy.   Class warfare has begun, and if I were a Republican Congressman, I would be worried.  Lack of movement on jobs has frustrated citizens, and there is anger in the ranks.  The usual action around such ire is to "throw the bums out."  That happened in the last election.  It can happen again  in 2012.  What is puzzling is that Congressmen read these polls.  They are not ignorant of the breach of relationship with the public.  Why they cannot move forward on job creation seems to be a combination of ideology and arrogance.  Republicans may dislike what Democrats are doing to produce jobs, but they don't seem to have a plan of their own to communicate to the public.  Instead, Republicans seem to be the party of "no."  From a PR perspective, that's a perilous position to be in with the electorate.  

On the other hand, citizens are misdirected in thinking that Washington can fix an employment problem that has been developing for a long time and is structural.  Of course, a politician can't do that, but that is not what people want to hear.  Thus, an appearance of movement is better than the status quo.  Republicans don't seem to get that either.  


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