Monday, October 31, 2011


It is interesting that a Scottish-Irish celebration the night before All Saints Day has become a secular event in the American calendar.  There doesn't seem to be much meaning left in Halloween other than dressing in costumes and trick or treating with emphasis on treats and not tricks.   It is a symptom of the American mind that few know what Halloween is about.  Cultural diversity is at the heart of the nation, and we have adopted traditions from around the globe usually without their meaning.  From a communicator's perspective, it is one more instance of the irrational that pervades life and that one must take into account when sending messages.  However, it is easier to communicate when there is no prior meaning left in an event.  One can insert content without worry, and that is just what commercial interests have done.  Still, the antiquarian in me wishes there was some recollection left of what Halloween once stood for.


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