Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Souring Relations 

It is often difficult in a corporation to see interconnections with the world, but in politics, links are stark -- such as this case.  In an effort to protect its borders, the US deports migrants to Mexico where crime is worse.  Predictably, Mexico is unhappy about it because it is fighting its own war with drug gangs.  So, what makes for good relations with US citizens creates bad relations between countries.  There is no easy answer to situations like this.  One can't choose citizens over neighboring countries without creating greater long-term relationship problems.  After all, Mexico points out, much of the drug violence it is fighting comes from drugs being manufactured and  transported through Mexico to the US.  The US is more at fault than Mexico.  Hence, the US should be more willing to incarcerate criminals within its own borders.  No wonder Mexico is frustrated.  


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