Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Buried Alive 

Here is a no-win PR crisis -- a public announcement of your firing before it is official.  What is happening to coach Joe Paterno also occurred earlier this year to HP's former CEO Leo Apotheker.  The news broke that Apotheker was going to be ousted at the next board meeting without Apotheker being told about it directly.  

Paterno knows he is on the edge of a precipice, and there is little he can do except to step off of it with as much grace as he can muster given the horrid situation.  It is an ugly way to end a long and successful career, but the future is no longer in his control.  He must wait now for the plunge while trying to keep his team motivated to win games.  One could hardly blame him if he no longer feels motivated.  

The person(s) who leaked the news of his firing should feel ashamed, but almost certainly they don't.  They have their own agenda, and Paterno was in the way.


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