Friday, November 04, 2011

Cloud Credibility 

"Cloud"  is the hot information technology.  This is storing data and software off-premises with a vendor such as Amazon.com.  However, there is a credibility problem with "Cloud" computing -- security.  Predictably, in-house information technologists don't believe that storing data elsewhere is as secure as they can do themselves.  This is to be expected.  Unless one has his hands on the hard drive, there is always a fear that someone else will take it.  

Security is a communications issue for PR practitioners working in high-tech.  There is nothing they can say to alleviate the worry.  It is a matter of time and continuous safety until IT executives are converted.  This means, however, that any embarrassing failure in "Cloud" security can be a fatal blow to the concept. Security is a fundamental issue and not peripheral to Infrastructure as a Service.


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