Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Future Is Past? 

This is an interesting discussion of the Fortune 500's adoption of social media.  It seems usage has leveled off and the author wonders if corporations are giving up.  Based on my own studies, corporations have not adopted social media as much as one might think.  It appears to be a question of effectiveness.  Corporate communications departments may not yet know how to use social media and aren't convinced of its impact.  It takes time for the benefits to be clear from any new technology or medium.  Usually by time one is convinced of its merit, the person is late in learning how to adopt it.  The Fortune 500 will catch up:  It takes time.  But, practitioners should be using and understanding the media, so they are ready when their corporations are.

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Jim your synopsis and recommendation is exactly where we are as a marketing team. Within the finance and other highly regulated industries, there are compliance officers who are waiting for more "rules" to come out so we may follow them, instead of allowing their seasoned communications professionals to play in the sandbox until the sand is tested and proven safe.

So in the meantime, we are using the medium personally and staying up to date with how professional firms are involved, so we are ready to go when the rules are established.

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