Monday, December 19, 2011

Fatal Puffery 

Monarchs eventually lose touch with the lives of their citizens.  It comes in no small part from flattery  that distorts their view of themselves and their responsibilities.  That is why the puffery of this man was fatal to millions of North Koreans.  He was anything but a "dear leader" in letting his people starve.  Clearly, he had an arrangement with the military to keep their support, and they apparently are as corrupt as he was.  One wonders how long the apotheosis of North Korea's leadership can go before the people say they have had enough and put their lives on the line to topple the family.  If other countries are an example, it won't be that many years more.  On the other hand, the geography of North Korea is such that the country's leadership has been able to seal it off from the rest of the world effectively.  Still, I will not be surprised if in my lifetime, the country falls and a reunification of the two Koreas occurs.  Perhaps in the light of reality and not puffery, the North can find a sustainable future.


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