Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Culture Shift? 

Could it be that movie theater attendance and box office revenue will never grow again?  Is the theater industry in a culture shift it cannot prevent?  From a PR perspective, there isn't much one can do when the public decides to take another direction.  With abundant entertainment alternatives available in the home, going out to the movies may be less compelling.  If so, a theater industry that has flourished for more than 100 years may be in a permanent swoon.  Movie theaters  won't go away completely, but it will not be surprising if the number of screens shrinks throughout the US.  It appears that 3D wasn't the savior of the movie house that experts hoped for.  And, the prices of 3D movies are outrageous for a mass entertainment medium.  

Should movie producers even concern themselves with increasing theater attendance?  They are looking beyond the box office already and they will abandon movie houses if their revenues are elsewhere.  If I were a theater owner, I would be concerned.

I think......what ever changes are made in theater.... The growth of modern technology is more faster...... so people will prefer the latest trend only........

Bensie Dorien



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