Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Do The Math 

Wikipedia is trumpeting that it raised $20 million from one million donors for the service yet it serves 470 million people a month.  Do the math.  That isn't a great show of support.  One wonders how an encyclopedia that has become an internet utility can have such a low monetary base.  Perhaps the answer is that on the internet, people have come to expect everything for free.  From a PR perspective, Wikipedia needs to do more work to build its base of monetary support.  Imagine if  470 million gave just a dollar apiece.  Wikipedia could expand its service for years to come.  An optimist would conclude there is upside potential.  A pessimist would wonder what happened.

I would question how many returning and active visitors Wikipedia actually has. I suspect that number of 470 million includes a lot of people who just happen upon an article page, instead of regular and consistent visitors.

How many active user accounts does Wikipedia have for example? According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia - it has 100,000 regularly active contributors (Nov 2011).

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