Thursday, January 12, 2012

Only In Politics? 

Is it only in politics that humans can make contradictory arguments such as this?  We as a Congress are in recess but we're not.  Therefore, you can't act as if we are in recess because even though we aren't present, we are.  Corporations can get caught in such circular irrationality but they don't seem to do it as often as politicians.  From a PR perspective, Congressional Republicans look like idiots, which doesn't help their re-election chances in the Fall.  One wonders if many of them are going to return after November's ballot.  Polls indicate that the American public is fed up, and there is a good chance that citizens will sweep incumbents out.  The president's decision to run against Congress this year will only highlight its lack of action.  I wouldn't want to be a communications or campaign director on the Hill this year.


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