Monday, January 02, 2012

Same Old Same Old 

It is illusion to think that a new year brings change.  Clients problems remain the same.  The political environment doesn't shift.  Nations continue on the same paths they had the year before.  So, why do we persist in seeing a new year as a beginning?  It is a quirk of psychology to think we can divide life into periods when time is a continuum.  Most of us have today off in celebration of the new year.  Tomorrow we will go back to work, and it will look as it did when we left for the holidays.  That is good, actually.  If things did change, we would have to scramble to catch up.  Instead, we pick up assignments and move forward.  So too with resolutions.  Chances are that those we keep we had been holding before the new year began.  So, it is a new year but a same old year.  May it be happy and healthy.


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