Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Magic And Mind 

This is an interesting discussion of how magicians take advantage of the human mind.  Why should PR practitioners care?  Because it tells us about our own brains and what we need to be aware of when we work with clients.  In magic, we fool ourselves and a magician helps us do it. In every day client work, we make assumptions that more or less make us gullible.  The hard part is knowing enough to ask the hard question of clients before the media or the public do it.  The second hardest part is knowing enough to challenge the answer before others do.  Every practitioner will encounter a client who is willfully deceptive or has "drunk the kool-aid" of an idea.  Confronting this client before others do is essential but difficult.  One doesn't want to push too hard because after all the client is paying us, but on the other hand, one doesn't want to put the client in harm's way.  The unwritten lesson of the article is never to be too certain about what one knows.


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