Friday, February 03, 2012

PR Gaffe 

A non-profit foundation can fund any organization it wishes and also not fund it, if it chooses.  But, this was a PR gaffe of the first order.  Although I won't go as far as this commentator, it is clear that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation could have handled its decision in a far better manner.  For example, it could have shifted its funding to another organization and publicly said so.  It could have cut funding over a period of years to give Planned Parenthood time to find other funding sources.  It could have announced publicly a change of direction a year in advance to give everyone time to adjust.  What it shouldn't have done is what it did -- cut funding suddenly with little explanation using an apparent pretext.  The regrettable outcome of this flap is that the Komen foundation almost certainly will see its fund raising harmed and its work diminished.  While it has every right to choose the recipients of its monies, it was ham-handed in its management of public perception, and it lost the PR battle at the beginning.  What were they thinking?

So what has to be done with it????

Bensie Dorien



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