Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Results Of A Bad Reputation 

This is what a bad reputation reaps.  Rupert Murdoch can do no right these days as the noose of the law pulls tighter about him and his son.  News Corp is a battleground on which its executives are in retreat and trying to save themselves.  It is almost quaint now to remember that not so long ago Murdoch had enormous power in the UK.  Politicians feared him.  He could make or break careers.  Today he is the butt of everyone's anger and the Fleet Street journalism his editors and reporters practiced is falling by the wayside.  Murdoch is apparently directing the defense of the company and of his son, but his efforts are comical.  The missing e-mail is almost certainly a smoking gun and the authorities will not let him get away with its absence.  The situation at the company has gone far beyond communications.  There is no spin or publicity that can offset the damage.  News Corp may survive but it will be a shadow of what it was in the UK.  Perhaps that is all for the good.


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