Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safety and Communication 

The auto industry's emphasis on linking drivers to the world via cell phone and internet has produced safety concerns.  On the other hand, the manufacturers' research into vehicle-to-vehicle communication has reaped praise even from a frequent critic.   In other words, there is desirable and undesirable communication in cars.  It seems today that most work is being done on the undesirable side because it is easier to achieve.  One wonders if the auto industry has its priorities backwards and if this will become a PR problem.  The industry and the public are moving slowly but inexorably to the self-driving car when both types of communication -- personal and vehicle-to-vehicle -- will be safe and acceptable, but there are years before we get there,.  Meanwhile, the issue of distracted drivers won't go away.  Although more difficult from a coordination and transition standpoint, wouldn't it be better and smarter PR if the industry paid more attention to the safer driving car that talks to other cars around it?


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