Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back To The Future 

Before the collapse of magazine publishing in the mid 20th Century, there was plenty of space for long-form journalism and short-form fiction -- stories and novellas.  That space is returning now in the form of Kindle Singles, an Amazon program dedicated to the shorter form.  Amazon states it as "compelling ideas expressed at their natural length."  As with other media outlets, it is a growing forum for potential publicity.  One can envision a time when longer profiles of companies, people and products find a place in Kindle Singles.  The authors who write, however, will need to be among the best in order to build an audience for their work.  They cannot depend on the presence of major magazines of yore.  Still, a cumulative sale of two million e-books across 165 works is something to capture attention.  Amazon has become a major publisher.

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