Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pope In Cuba 

The pope's visit to Cuba is instructive for PR practitioners.  The Castro's don't like him and what he stands for. The pope is trying ever so gently to tell the communist regime that its days are numbered.  As one analysis said, they talked past each other.  There is a larger issue, however, that has embroiled the church in Cuba.  Does one cooperate with the regime and try bit by bit to gain freedoms for Christians.  Or, does one openly resist the regime and call for its end, as one priest is doing in Cuba today.  There is no good answer.  Both ways have merits and demerits.  Both are subject to criticism.  One is bound to lose credibility with one group or another no matter which course he chooses.  The pope and the cardinal on Cuba have elected to talk to the regime and push for the betterment of Catholics.  One could as easily have condemned the Castro's for what they have done to their country and their people.  Cuba is opening up slowly but it might not be fast enough for its poor citizens.  I'm sure the pope is hoping to avoid bloodshed, but to radicals, it just might look like he is caving to Fidel. 


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