Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Takes Time 

So, Apple's electronics supplier, Foxconn, is partially cleared after an actor admitted he lied about it.   While that is good for Foxconn, unfortunately it does not absolve the company completely.  Residues of uncertainty and suspicion will last.  A perception once rooted is hard to remove.  What should Foxconn do to rebuild its reputation?  Invite the media to see for themselves how the company works.  This is apparently what the corporation is offering in its statement that it wants people to come to the company.  And, if the media are honest, they will do that rather than making charges against the company yesterday's story.   However, given the staffing and deadline mentality of major media, it is unlikely for Foxconn to get a multi-page take on how it treats its workers.  Rather the company may need to be satisfied with a small story here and there.  Injustice like this is painful, but in the minds of the media, it appears that false charges aren't as bad if they are leveled against a company.  An individual?  That's another matter.


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