Friday, March 23, 2012

Tough Job 

How would you like to be the PR director for this boondoggle?  Building high-speed rail in California's agricultural valley without connections to major cities makes no economic or political sense.  But, the governor is for it and refuses to acknowledge that it is foolhardy under its present plan.  What could you say to defend the proposal?  That it might make sense some day far into the the future?  That even though it will never pay for itself, it is needed in a state with an expanding population?  Any argument is bound to sound weak because it is.  Yet, the governor and the project's defenders continue to plow forward and waste both Federal and State money as they go. This is a situation in which a PR practitioner should ask hard questions of himself and of the job.  Is it worth compromising one's personal reputation defending such a knuckle-headed proposal?  Some will say yes, but those with common sense will steer clear.


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