Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Edge Of Credibility 

When science becomes this refined, it is hard to grasp what researchers are doing.  One has to accept on faith that what is claimed is possible and true.  It is potentially a PR challenge for the scientific community as it moves farther away from a common understanding of the universe.  As with global warming, there are those who will reject what they don't comprehend.  This has always been the case but as discovery reaches farther into outer and inner space, more people will feel alienated.  It is as if new worlds have opened that they cannot hope to experience and the logical question is why do we need to know about them.  Certainly from a government's point of view, funding basic research like the world's most sensitive scale might seem unneeded at a time of budget deficits.  Scientists need to explain their work and its importance frequently in order to find the money to continue research.  This is as it should be, but it can't be getting any easier, the deeper they go into the subatomic world and infinite cosmos.


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