Monday, April 23, 2012

New Standard 

The media have set a new standard of transparency for presidential candidates and apparently Mitt Romney is not meeting it.  This might be part of Romney's so-called "tin ear" when it comes to public relations and campaigning, but it also might be Romney's personal decision not to disclose details.  Either way, it is not settling well with the proxies of the public.  The question that Romney has to ask is whether this is costing him votes.  Disclosure is not a matter of ethics but of meeting public expectations.  If the public is going to withhold approval because of a lack of disclosure then a candidate has no choice but to make private business public -- that is, if he wants to get elected.  Romney by all accounts is a methodical candidate, and he is surveying voters constantly about his approval rating.  What do you want to bet that he will disclose in time?


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