Friday, April 06, 2012

Second Tier 

Some brands are also-rans.  No matter how hard they try, the public doesn't give them respect.  Here's one.  Burger King has been in turnaround for decades.  It never gets there.  It is always behind McDonald's and now is behind Wendy's.  Franchisees are angry.  Marketers come and go.  Ad campaigns start and stop.  Burger King goes nowhere.  From a PR perspective, there isn't much one can do for a company with endemic problems.  The beginning of change is to recognize them but understanding is not enough to cure the ills.  For years Avis used the "we try harder" approach in recognition of its no.2 place behind Hertz.  Avis never caught up and operators like Budget remained well behind.  Is it so bad to be second tier?  One can still make money if careful but it is necessary to control ambitions.  It is also good to remember that most companies are no. 2, 3 or 4 or lower, and they survive.


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