Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day After 

One of the more irritating aspects of human nature is to pile on when there is failure.  Critics come from everywhere -- Monday-morning quarterbacks; knowing pundits; prognosticators; sapient, gray-haired fools who tell you that you should have known before you took that step.  Here is an example.   The fellow might be right, but who knows?  Was he of the same opinion before the Facebook IPO and did he speak out?  If he did, I missed it.  The problem with these individuals is that they make a PR practitioner's life more difficult.  They are the hounds baying outside the house who drown out conversation within.  And, there is no way to get rid of them.  One learns to ignore the chorus until it impacts the economics or business objective of the organization.  Having critics is good to a point.  One is forced to consider that what he is doing might be wrong, but listening to critics too closely is deadly because they will reduce one to impotence.  I'm not a Mark Zuckerberg fan nor do I think much of Facebook, but he did create something that has been spectacularly successful so far.  He deserves credit for that even while he tries to determine how to keep it going.


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