Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Is this an anachronism?  The first graduating class of an advertising high school is ready to greet the world just at a time when social media and public relations have come to the fore.  One wonders whether there should be a PR and New Media high school instead.  Of course, that would raise the question whether there is need for advanced education.  Is it possible for high school students to learn enough to practice PR and new media successfully?  

How about a combination of advertising, marketing and public relations? New media, so to speak, would be taught across the curriculum as a key tool for executing each function.

I have another question:

When will we stop using "new media," "social media" and related terms and return to talking about "media" as inclusive of these and other media? The distinction is OK for now, but at some point it has to go.

Use of social media is only one aspect of PR as is the use of traditional media. When will media become media again?

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