Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Headache 

The president of the United States is constantly under pressure.  He doesn't need headaches like this, but they come whether he wants them or not.  So, Obama now has a PR problem with his Secretary of Commerce.  Does he keep him?  Does he ask him to resign?  Of all the cabinet secretaries Obama needs, the one in charge of restarting the economy -- a key to his re-election -- ranks high.  And, of course, it is that one who was involved in a hit-and-run accident.  

Managing public perception is a 24/7 job in the White House.  There are staff members working this issue and providing recommendations to the President for action.  If Mr. Bryson is let go, who will take his place?  How should the President handle his absence just five months before the election?  How should the President deal with news media questions?  One must remember that all this is being handled before the public.  It is nearly impossible to ignore or bury such issues.  If the President handles it badly, it will hurt him in November.  If he handles it well, it will become just another blip in the presidency -- a two-day media story that the public forgets.  


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