Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Hidden Danger In Plain Sight 

This opinion piece is eye-opening.    It points to the concentration of technology manufacturing in Asia and the danger to the supply chain of having it there.  What if, for example, China fell into political turmoil and manufacturing ceased suddenly.  Companies like Apple would shut down.  From a communications perspective, there isn't much one can say.  The potential for disaster is large and ultimately, manufacturers must diversify supply chains.  Today, they apparently don't feel the need for it, and one should ask whether that is short-sighted.  How does one publicly defend dependence on a few contract manufacturers located in Taiwan and mainland China?  One assumes stability, but that is risky given the constant tension between the two countries.  One hopes technology manufacturers are constantly monitoring risk and are ready to move if they must. The question is, "To where?" 


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