Monday, July 30, 2012

A Fundamental Failure 

For a country to join the front rank of world societies, it needs infrastructure -- roads, sewers, power, water, housing.  India has lagged in these areas, and the power failure across the  the northern part of the country is a reminder of how far it has to go.  A government's fundamental civic duty is to provide the services that allow people to carry on with their lives.  It is a core duty of governmental relations.  India has struggled with basics.  The country is a welter of conflicting interests that never seem to gel around central issues.  The country is building housing but millions are living in shacks.  The country provides power but it blinks on and off without warning.  It is building roads but it has a long way to go to reach all parts of the nation.  One expects fits and starts as a country emerges from a Third World status, but India is compared to China and found wanting.  The needs are massive in India but news stories appear to conclude that the government isn't up to the task.  What will it take to turn the corner?


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