Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There is a truism about consumer electronics.  Inevitably, the company on top with the strongest brand positioning will fall.  It might not be today, tomorrow or next year, but it will happen.  Innovation is relentless and sooner or later, a company will miss the next wave.  Apple has been on top for some time, but it too is facing at least momentary difficulties  That is a danger for a firm that was led by a cultish leader who could sense where the market should go.  Apple's new CEO is competent, maybe brilliant, but he is not Steve Jobs, and Apple fans know it.  Apple's brand positioning was Jobs, and now it is faced with carrying on.  From a PR perspective, the company is in a delicate period on a thin high wire.  Any sign of weakness and competitors will take advantage.  Maybe Apple's next iPhone will re-establish its leadership, but watch out if it doesn't.


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