Thursday, July 26, 2012

When The CEO Steps In It 

Usually CEOs are cautious about what they say because they know the impact of their words -- but not always.  Here is a case in which a CEO made himself look dumb and he should have known better.  One doesn't speak for another company, especially if one hasn't consulted with that company first.  Why do CEOs do stupid things?  They are human.  However, the long rise to the top should have taught them something, and it is surprising when people learn that it hasn't.  A CEO can't risk too many errors like this without losing credibility among investors and employees.  There isn't much a PR department can do to rectify the gaffe.  One can say the CEO didn't really mean it.  He was using HBO as an example, but that doesn't carry one far.  Maybe the next time the CEO will talk to PR counsel first.


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