Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Horror Story And Blow To Reputations 

This painfully detailed description of how hackers wiped out a journalist is a horror story.  The reporter blames himself for errors, but it also is a condemnation of security procedures at Apple and Amazon.  The companies were victims of social engineering that shouldn't have occurred.  Amazon, apparently, has changed its rules so it won't happen again.  At this time, it is not clear what Apple will decide, but the company needs to do something.  That two hackers can take down a person's computer, his devices and his Twitter account is shocking.  How many of us are prepared to prevent that?  The hackers apparently did it to show off, but it is a short step to malicious intent.  Apple and Amazon are now scrambling to regain their reputations for security.  The reporter is finding out whether he can recover the contents of his hard drive that held pictures of his infant daughter.  The story is a warning to us all.


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