Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handling A PR Disaster 

The Republican senate candidate for Missouri is trying to salvage his run for office while the Party is trying to get rid of him.  Both are responding to a self-inflicted disaster when the candidate, Todd Akin, made ignorant remarks on the subject of rape.  Republicans are right in pushing for Akin to quit.  There is no recovery from the stupidity Akin demonstrated during his interview, and for every hour that Akin remains, he is inflicting damage not only on his campaign but also on the Republican party and the Republican presidential race.  It's a trifecta of negativity.  It is also a pity because Republicans need thoughtful candidates who show an understanding of all sides of issues and maintain reasonable and defensible positions.  Thus far, Tea Party candidates have shown little promise.  One can ask where the conservative thinkers are and their influence.  They are obviously not in Missouri.

HaHa. I hope all Republicans lose EVERY race.

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