Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's Always Something 

Momma, don't let your children get new computers.  I'm the victim of a new machine at work.  It's not the machine's fault.  It works well.  It's the settings that did not carry over from the old computer.  The old box was set up for my working style.  The new one isn't in spite of the best efforts of the tech person.  The problem is that I use Google Drive -- the cloud storage facility -- to maintain personal files.  That way they don't intermix with work.  But, I need access to them.  As soon as I got my new computer, my personal files went missing.  My stomach in my throat, I rushed to find help.  Try and find help from Google.  Worse, the Drive went missing at home as well.  I don't know why.  There are now gigabytes of critical data resting on a server somewhere in the world, and I have no idea where.  No one warns you about this when you sign up for cloud storage.  I will work through this, but it's always something.  


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