Friday, August 03, 2012

No Better Than The Rest Of Us 

The church of journalism has its heretics.  Here is one.  He follows a line of reporters in major and minor media who have had poor regard for facts.  Unfortunately for hard-working and honest members of the media, the actions of a few have smeared the efforts of many.  It is a PR disaster for a group that doesn't believe in PR.  It shouldn't be, of course, because journalism was never that ethical or honest.  It was living on the reputation of Woodward and Bernstein.  Within the business, there has been a recognition of reporters who cut corners.  As they are discovered, they are fired.  But, that is journalism of the last 40 years.  Before then, one job of a PR practitioner was to reward those who wrote about clients with munificent gifts.  Editors finally put a stop to it because it was embarrassing and it looked bad.  In a way, we are returning to the past when journalism was wild and woolly and not always credible.  In other words, reporters are like the rest of us. 


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