Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dead Man Walking? 

Mitt Romney has learned a hard lesson of modern politics.  Watch what you say at all times -- especially among friends.  There is no telling who will turn on you and expose your thoughts to the public.  It that smacks of paranoia, the disarray in the Romney camp today is proof that it isn't.  From the video that recorded him, it looks like someone put a cell phone on a table and let it run.  Romney, thinking he was talking only to a room full of conservatives, proceeded to hang himself publicly when the video came to light.  There is a possibility he might recover, but it is late in the campaign and his words, even though they are mostly factual, have insulted a large part of the electorate.  That is not a way to win independents to your side.  The pity of it is that it was so unnecessary.   He could have said, "There is an economic study of taxpayers that states 47 percent pay no Federal Tax."  At least he would have quoted authority. However, he left himself no out but to take the abuse being hurled at him from every quarter.  Even communicators get lax about monitoring their leaders' remarks.  This should be a warning.  Stay vigilant -- always.


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