Thursday, September 13, 2012

Destroying Reputation 

Libyans have come close to destroying any reputation they might have had after liberating the country.  The unprovoked attack on the American ambassador was heinous, and the "just cause" flimsy. The ambassador had nothing to do with a film that might insult the memory of the prophet Muhammad.  It is doubtful that any rioters have seen it and almost certainly they haven't a clear idea what is in it.  The film might indeed be blasphemous and the filmmaker at fault, but that is no reason to attack others for its existence.  Hotheads are part of every religion and intolerance is a sad fact.  It is up to civil and religious authorities to control those who would get out of bounds.  Islam has had difficulty doing so, and it s no wonder that public perception is slanted against it.  Islam needs better PR and that starts with its own worshipers who need to demonstrate their peacefulness.  As citizens of Libya and other Muslim states, the onus is on them to show they are part of a civilized world.


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