Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Neat Anniversary Publicity 

Roomba has a neat way of publicizing its 10th anniversary.  (Pun intended.)  The robo-vacuum cleaner company has illustrated the dimensions of dirt that its machines have sucked up as well as miles driven, all without intervention of a harried householder.  One can learn a lesson or two from the way the company has gone about it.  An anniversary alone might not be sufficient to gain much attention.  It is important to the company but hardly anyone else.  One has to work hard to make an anniversary significant.  With its illustrations, Roomba has taken a mundane object and elevated it.  This also helps frame the size of the company.  The statement of "eight million robots sold worldwide" is a jolt to one who might think of a Roomba as a cute but inconsequential item.  If eight million households are using the machine, maybe it is time I did too.  I've done plenty of anniversary publicity, but this tops it.


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