Monday, September 03, 2012

The Democrats' Turn 

Political conventions have turned into the worst kind of publicity flacking.  They have little value anymore except to rally the faithful and to present the candidates to the few people who are watching on TV.   The Republicans had their chance last week, the Democrats this week and a collective yawn could be heard from the electorate.  There must be a better way in the internet age.  Thus far, no one has found it or, perhaps, looked for it.  Meetings in person have value and a crowd effect provides energy to its individuals, but is there any need for a roll call of states?  Is there a need for one boring speech after another?  Does it help the candidate to spend hours flinging insults at opponents?  When it comes to publicity, politicians are a mixture of the old and new.  They will try just about anything to scrounge a vote, but they won't touch the convention, which no longer has meaning and hasn't had since the early 1960s.  Perhaps when the media totally ignore conventions, the parties will change.  It is not too soon for that to happen.


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