Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Ticklish Transition 

Apple is going through a ticklish transition to its leader, Tim Cook.  There is no guarantee the change will work and with the recent hiccups in mapping software, the company is showing vulnerability that Steve Jobs would have brushed aside.  From a perception standpoint, Cook cannot be and is not a replacement for the messianic Jobs.  And, that is good.  Jobs ran Apple as his personal fiefdom, his kingdom in which he could be petulant, demanding, capricious.  Cook is apparently running Apple as a company in which leadership listens more and vents less.  Jobs succeeded on brilliant insights into what products should be.  Cook might not have that vision, but it is too early to tell.  There is no doubt from a PR perspective that Apple hangs in the balance.  The company can continue to blaze paths or it can slide as most consumer electronics companies do over time.  The burden of forging the future is Cook's.  Only time will tell whether he is up to the job.


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