Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Technology On The Way Out? 

The PC market is slumping as youths move to tablets and cell phones.  It is hard to believe the marketplace has changed that much.  The PC won't go away just as the mainframe hasn't disappeared but it no longer drives electronics sales.  From a PR perspective, there isn't much one can do to revive personal computers.  Once the public has moved on, older technology goes the way of buggies and whips.  How many offices have fax machines?  They are still lurking here and there in dark corners but the days when there were banks of them has long since departed. Miniaturization and connectivity breed obsolescence.  If Google is successful with its glasses that allow one to view the internet in a heads-up display, even cell phones might be on their way out.  The idea that some day we will be implanted with network technology is not far distant.  Will our grandchildren ask why we ever used such a bulky object as an iPhone?


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