Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Data And The Person 

This story is interesting and instructive.  It is a reminder that in an era of Big Data with nearly everything being tracked, it is still necessary to observe people directly to see how they behave.  No surprise there.  However, it highlights a certain laziness that can creep into management.  That laziness is over-dependence on numbers to tell one what is out there rather than getting out there oneself.  There is an old, old cliche of management that still applies. Management is a good pair of shoes.  That was updated decades ago to another cliche -- Management by Walking About.  The point of the article is important.  One needs both data and observation.  Both takes on human behavior yield insights into how things are. In an era of counting clicks and page views and other media metrics, there is still a need to observe just how people use the web, social media and other forms of communication.  Data isn't everything.


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