Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane PR 

Say what you want about the governor of New Jersey -- and many do -- but he knows how to handle an emergency.  He was all over the airwaves yesterday telling citizens what to do as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the state.  He was firm but not hysterical.  He counseled preparedness then relaxation while waiting.  His one error was to suggest that people wait by watching the New York Jets on TV.  The Jets were a dismal flop and hardly worth the time in front of a screen.  This morning, skies are gray, the air a low hum and the occasional leaf rising high in the sky to be blown off by constant wind.  Rain is constant but not heavy.  We're in the beginning of the blow and many hours more to go.  The governor will be out and about during the middle of it and winning support from citizens for doing so.


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