Monday, October 01, 2012

Road Trip 

Road trips to clients are reminders of what really happens "out there."  It is easy to sit in one's office or cubicle and to fashion a conceptual framework for how a client operates and the client's differentiation in the market.  It is more difficult when one confronts the reality of the client's situation in the client's office, factory or other place of business.  Simple ideas become complex.  What seemed easy is harder. insights from people sitting in front of you have more meaning. The environment provides cues that are not available by phone, e-mail or video conference.  Being there has no substitute.  On the other hand, one can be too present to the point of wasting client money and time and failing to get work done.  It is a balance that client service needs to adjust constantly.  I don't visit clients enough. It is something I need to improve.


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