Thursday, October 25, 2012

With Friends Like These... 

Mitt Romney must feel like he is snakebit with friends like these.  While I understand how Richard Mourdock came to the conclusion he expressed, and it is his right to say what he thinks,  he has not gauged the publics to whom he is speaking.  That does not mean one should pander to the public, but it does mean some thoughts one should keep to himself if he wants to get elected and have a chance to influence policy.  It is hard for any individual out of step with conventional thinking to gain a following.  Some say what is on their mind and wait for the public to catch up.  Sometimes the public does but more often not.  Others disguise their thinking until they achieve power. Still others never say what they think but work toward their end anyway.  From a PR perspective, there is no answer to how one should approach expression of controversial issues.  Rather, the answer is pragmatic -- whatever works.  There is always room for unconventional positions in American society.  The question is whether they achieve influence.  Mourdock's approach looks guaranteed to fail, and he is of no help to Mitt Romney.


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