Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Great PR 

I wish I had known about this PR campaign sooner.  It is a wonderful example of bringing transparency to the process of making, distributing and selling fast food -- namely, McDonald's.  The Canadian arm of the company decided that transparency is best to handle rumors about its food and preparation.  So they take viewers to a potato farm then a processor then a factory where fries are cut and blanched.  Each person talks in his or her own voice and explains precisely what is happening.  The sequence on how the Big Mac is photographed for advertising is especially interesting.  With fast feeders under assault by food activists, this is a powerful way to combat fears and make one's case about quality and nutrition.  Whether it works in the long run is an open question.  It is difficult to fight governmental and cultural attacks on obesity and super-sizing of portions -- and maybe the company shouldn't.  However, what McDonald's Canada has done improves its image.  Would that other chains were as open.


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