Monday, November 19, 2012

Three Leadership Styles -- All Effective 

This story discusses three approaches of three leaders to handling Hurricane Sandy before, during and after its landfall in the New Jersey/ New York area.  Two governors and a mayor ably  handled the crisis and are continuing to show visible presence in affected communities.  The men are as different as chalk and cheese, yet all have been effective.  It highlights a truism about leadership.  There isn't one way to approach a challenge.  There are many.  At the heart of leadership, however, is communication.  All three men were admirable in the way they reached out to citizens to alert them, comfort them and spur recovery efforts.  They used the media heavily throughout the storm and its aftermath and projected an aura of control when nature was uncontrolled.  Although it is the last term for the mayor of New York, the public will most likely reward the governors of New York and New Jersey with another term for how they handled the chaotic time.


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