Friday, December 14, 2012

Can't Buy This Kind Of PR 

Apple's disaster with mapping for its iPhones has been addressed by... Google, the company whose mapping software Apple dropped earlier this year.  Critics are raving about Google's app to the point of embarrassment for Google's engineers and cartographers.  Although Apple is working hard to correct its mistakes, the massive acceptance of Google's solution makes one wonder why Apple is bothering.  The tech industry is Darwinian.  Only in a few cases do companies get second or third chances to get something right.  The most notable is Microsoft, which struggled for years with its Windows operating system.  However, Microsoft had a monopolistic death-grip on PC operating systems that other companies didn't.  Apple will continue to correct its mapping software, but by the time it returns to market, Google will have the advantage.  With the PR Google is getting, there is a better than even chance Google will win.


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