Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Does Anybody Care? 

This is an interesting story.  Senators are returning tomorrow to Washington DC to make a last-ditch effort to avoid the "fiscal cliff" but there is no sense of urgency.  What?  After all the publicity about the Armageddon that will occur, if on Jan. 2 something hasn't been done?  It appears everyone knows the seriousness of the situation, but no one can do much about it, so "Let's not worry."   One is justified in asking if there is a crisis.  Did the White House and others trump the problem beyond reality?  Come Jan. 2 the drums of disaster will starting beating again, but might there be a small credibility problem?  There will be no immediate effects for most of the nation, but if one believes the experts, the longer term damage may be severe.  Look for charge and counter-charges to start again, and every politician to play a role of attacker or defender.  It's an interesting if destructive publicity game.


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